BAEP-CRESCENT joins Niyogosyo Fair and Expo 2023

The BAEP-CRESCENT Project was invited to participate in the Niyogosyo Fair and Expo 2023 last December 13, 2023, held at the Mall of Al-nor Annex, Cotabato City.

Mr. Antonio Peralta, BAEP-CRESCENT’s BARMM Program Coordinator, gave a presentation introducing the Project during the event’s afternoon session. He opened his talk by enumerating some issues faced by the region’s agricultural industry, such as the lack of stable electricity. Sharing that the Project was working to help address those issues, Mr. Peralta then presented BAEP-CRESCENT’s summary, objectives, outputs, activities, challenges and opportunities identified, and progress thus far.

BAEP-CRESCENT BARMM Program Coordinator, Antonio Peralta.

Following the presentation on BAEP-CRESCENT, Mr. Peralta briefly discussed the BARMM’s water availability by province based on the Department of Agriculture’s National Color-Coded Agricultural Guide Map. He shared that the region is fortunate to have mostly moderate to high levels of water availability and that it should be taken advantage of wisely.

During the afternoon open forum, Mr. Mike Kida of the Maguindanao Coconut Council expressed his desire for a partnership with BAEP-CRESCENT and the ECCP for their plans to develop an agri-economic hub in Polloc, Maguindanao del Norte. Datu Manny Balabaran of the Metro Cotabato Chamber of Commerce and Industry also expressed that the Chamber would be happy to have a partnership with the Project. In response, Mr. Peralta assured that the ECCP has been present and extending its support to the region since 2017, being the largest foreign chamber in the Philippines.

Other presenters during the event included Ms. Amina Karon-Mendez of the MTIT, who presented on “Sustainable Agri-Rural Development through Coconut Industry,” discussing the GEARED Program, the RAPID Growth Project, and the CFIDP. She was followed by MOST’s Ms. Aleyyah Abdul, presenting “Science, Technology and Innovation in Coconut Industry” via Zoom.

In the afternoon, Ms. Geralyn Hobrero of Cocowild Inc. presented on the “Coconut Value Chain: Whole Nut (Production, Processing, Marketing).” Mr. Jhino Ilano of the DTI’s Export Marketing Bureau presented last, discussing “Philippine Coconut in the Export Market” via Zoom.

Niyogosyo 2023 attendees.

The Niyogosyo Fair and Expo is a regional trade fair implemented by the MTIT-BARMM’s RAPID Growth Project, CFIDP, and GEARED Programs, with the theme “Empowering Coconut Farmers and Industry through Marketing and Financing Opportunities.” Through its participation in the event, the BAEP-CRESCENT Project hopes to expand its presence and extend its support to the coconut industry in the BARMM.

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